Algerian inmate granted early freedom for Idul Fitri


Algerian inmate granted early freedom for Idul Fitri Algerian inmate granted early freedom for Idul Fitri - Algerian Hacene Hanifi was very happy after performing the Idul Fitri prayer at the tennis field of the Kerobokan Penitentiary in Bali on Sunday morning. Soon afterwards, he would enjoy freedom and return to his home country after being incarcerated for almost 11 months for credit card fraud.

“The Algerian was freed today as he got 15 days cut off his sentence. Immigration officials will pick him up for deportation,” said Kerobokan Prison warden Tonny Nainggolan.

Hanifi was sentenced to 11 months imprisonment after he was proven guilty of stealing a credit card in a bar in Kuta, Bali, in August last year.

He used the card to pay a bill at another nightclub in Kuta, which cost more than IDR 2 million (US$150). The 47-year-old was charged under Article 363 of the Criminal Code.

Tonny said Idul Fitri sentence remissions are given to Muslim inmates who have displayed good behavior. For inmates of other religions, remissions are also given during their respective holy days, such as Christmas for Christians, Waisak for Buddhists and Nyepi for Hindus.

This year, as least 283 Kerobokan inmates received Idul Fitri sentence cuts of between 15 days and two months. Sentence cuts for 47 inmates were still pending approval by the Law and Human Rights Ministry.

Another foreign inmate, Nigerian Osita Emmanuel Obumneme, also received a sentence remission. His sentence was cut by one month and 15 days, but he is still in prison since he is serving seven years over a drug case


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