In the 2018 World Bank and IMF annual meeting forum, the proposal of recycling the plastic waste is proposed


Illustration Illustration - The Indonesian government is still getting serious problems in handling waste. Based on Jambeck data (2015), an estimated 3.32 million metric tons of plastic waste in the country has not been well managed. In fact, as many as 0.48-1.29 million metric tons of them were spread to the sea.


Edwin Nirwan as Researcher from the Road and Bridge Research and Development Center (Puslitbang) of the Ministry of PUPR, said, to help reduce the problem of plastic waste, the Research and Development Agency for PUPR has conducted research related to the use of plastic waste for construction since 2008. And then at the initiative of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, this research continues to be developed and intensified since the beginning of 2017.


Edwin said that the use of plastic waste mixed asphalt has been tested on several national roads in Jakarta, Makassar, Bekasi, Denpasar and Tangerang-Merak Toll Road.


"From the results of laboratory tests in 2017 by the Road Research and Development Center, Balitbang, Ministry of PUPR, a mixture of hot asphalt with additional plastic waste is more resistant to deformation and cracking compared to ordinary hot asphalt mixtures," said Edwin, quoted by (7 / 10)


"The use of plastic waste also does not reduce road quality at all, it can even increase road adhesion. When exposed as hot asphalt, when the temperature is measured 150-180 degrees Celsius, which means the plastic is not degraded and is still far from the waste degradation limit of 250- 280 degrees Celsius or the temperature at which the plastic secretes toxins, "he explained.


"The use of plastic waste for asphalt is expected to be the right solution to the problem of waste in Indonesia. And at the 2018 World Bank and IMF Annual Meeting Forum, we will show the representatives of the countries present related to the solution to the problem of plastic waste" he said.


On the other hand, Vice Chairman of the Kadin Indonesia Upstream and Petrochemical Industry Standing Committee, Achmad Widjaja said, "The use of plastic as an asphalt mixture is the right solution to overcome the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia. Used plastic can be a mixture of other products. , starting from mixtures of asphalt, construction materials, such as paving, brick for walls, roof, etc"


According to Achmad, rather than applying excise policies to limit plastic consumption, it is better for the government to look for ways to change the plastic waste produced by the community for more useful things, such as asphalt mixtures.


"This can be an example for the region, the government should educate the public, why not be told to recycle. It will become an industry. If by way of charging excise tariffs to plastic, that is a barrier for many industries. We don't want that" he suggested.



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