Due to being contaminated with fuel, the water of a well was flaming after being lit with fire


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - A well that is located in Awi Hamlet, Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency, is suspected to be contaminated with fuel. The black water is actually flaming when having contact with fire.

From the investigation, there are two wells in the hamlet, built around 10 years ago. One of them is used by the villagers for everyday needs.

However, lately the quality of the water has become worse. The water was clear and colorless at first, but it started to turn black and let out a sharp small like the smell of fuel.

The head of the Neighborhood Association, Susan Susanti (32), said that the complaints started around 2 months ago. At that time, the water turned brown, though it could still be used for bathing.

“But as time went by the water turned black, and it smelled horrible. Many villagers complained. They couldn’t use the water from the well again. The condition became worse when dry season came. It was hard for us to get water,” she said, on Wednesday, October 10th.

Right now, the villagers have to get water from another village’s water source for their everyday needs. As for drinking, they have to buy mineral water.

The people suspected that the damage to the water was caused by the leaking of a pipe from a gas station near the hamlet. The reason is that the smell of the water is similar to the smell of fuel.

“We tried to set it on fire. Well, it turned out it lit. The water seemed to contain fuel or something like that,” she said.

To handle this problem, the villagers had given complaint to the gas station and the government agency. Although their complaint was received well, there was still no step taken.

“We have done mediation. We asked for water immediately. We are already thirsty. We want water. Usually, we have no problem when dry season comes. But now it’s hard. We can only wait for the government to take action,” she said.






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