At the age of 9, Khabib Nurmagomedov was trained by father by wrestling with a bear


Illustration Illustration - Khabib Nurmagomedov, at the age of 9, his father, a former athlete and soldier, once invited him to wrestle with a bear! At the age of nine, Khabib did begin to be trained by his own father and one of the exercises that he applied was to wrestle with a bear.

Despite getting a lot of criticism from various parties, Abdulmanap thought this was a form to train the character of the little Khabib. "First, a child always wants his father to see what his child is capable of" said Abdulmanap quoted from Bloody Elbow.

"It is unfortunate that there is nothing more interesting when he was young. In the end, this is a test of character and more than just practice" he added.

In 2014, this man who studied Judo and Sambo uploaded a video when he fight with his "little friend". In a short duration video, he wrestled with a brown bear. "Meet my friend from childhood and my best sparing friend" he wrote in the video description.


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