Again, US will be hit by the hurricane, and this time is the third most powerful hurricane, hurricane Michael


Hurricane Michael Hurricane Michael - Citizens in Florida, United States (US), can warn of the existence of flash floods caused by typhoon Michael who was moving towards the US Gulf coast, on Monday, October 8th 2018. This storm is expected to be a category 3 storm.

This warning came when this storm strengthened into category 1 storm with wind power of 120 kilometers per hour on the previous day. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said that the typhoon would approach the western region of Cuba from the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico and is expected to pass through the Gulf of Mexico before it hit the interior at the coast of the North Florida bay.

This typhoon is expected to become a category 3 hurricane that can destroy trees, roads and buildings for days. "Michael can produce three life-threatening hazards along the northeast coast of the bay. There will be storm, heavy rain, strong winds" NHC wrote in a chat on Twitter.

"Residents in these areas must follow the advice given by local officials" he wrote. On Monday, October 8th 2018, the first rain due to the storm Michael had hit the Florida Keys.


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