Johnny Rotten says that Green Day is a shame for punk music


Johnny Rotten Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols vocalist Johnny Rotten called the Green Day band as a shame. Because according to him they don't keep the spirit of punk life.

The legend of living punk rock music spoke to the New York Times about this. He went back to discussing the punk music movement 40 years after the band he hosted toured the United States which was so famous in the history of punk music.

John Lydon underestimated punk bands which at this time were not like the past. One of them is Green Day. "It's really embarrassing. Some of the bands out there, like Green Day now. I see them and have to laugh. They're like clothes hangers" he blurted out.

Punk music at this time he called did no longer have the power of spirit like the beginning of the movement was born. On the other hand, John judged that hip-hop music shows a perfect setting at this time.


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