Chef in one of the hotel in Egypt was fired after his video viral in social media


the video of the chef and Nikk Malee the video of the chef and Nikk Malee - A chef who works at a hotel in Egypt was immediately terminated. Employees and chef, are accused of never washing their hands.

Reported by the UK Daily Mail, October 5th 2018, Nikk Malee, a tourist from Scarborough, filed a complaint about the chefs at Tropitel Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada, Egypt. This complaint is also included in the video, which contains the chefs burning meat outside the hotel, then they touch the cooked meat and raw meat, without washing their hands. This video was recorded when Nikk stayed there, last August.

In response to this, Thomas Cook's travel agent immediately investigated and terminated the chef. Especially with information from Nikk that clarifies everything. "They cook all the time, and they don't clean or wash their hands. They just wipe it with a piece of paper" Nikk said.

Seeing the low level of cleanliness of the food served there, Nikk only ate bread when he stayed there. After complaining to Thomas Cook's travel agent, Nikk finally moved out from that hotel. Travel agent Thomas Cook also confirmed that they had investigated, and fired the chef there. So this event can never happen again.


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