Appearing in the cover of magazine in US, Cinta Laura is criticized for for her clothing she wore


Cinta Laura Cinta Laura - The long-lost artist finally returned to the public spotlight. This happened because she became the first celebrity from Indonesia to fill in a cover photo of a magazine from the United States.


The photo is uploaded via her Instagram account. Under the photo she uploaded she gave off a sense of excitement. "I am really excited to announce that the front cover of my magazine has been published! It's very proud to be the first Indonesian celebrity to be in the front cover after 2 decades!" Cinta Laura wrote in English. The photo was uploaded two days ago.


The target film star is also grateful to have the opportunity to appear on the cover of the famous magazine. "Thank you very much for choosing me. It's an honor (for me)!".


Reporting from Lifestyle, Magazine from the United States, has been published for 20 years and entered Indonesia, and always carries international artist cover, the majority of them are American celebrities.


Judging from the cover of the October issue of the magazine, Cinta Laura tells of her hard work, her fashion style and her love story.


Love Laura's uploads were immediately flooded with good wishes from netizens. Some express very proud, while others feel less like the style of clothing that Cinta wears. According to them, Cinta's outfit that looked just wearing an open jacket is too exposed.


After that, Cinta also shared one of her other photos which was published in a magazine. Wearing a semi-transparent long dress, Cinta poses under the Manhattan bridge.


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