Flash floods destroy houses and bride in Tanah Datar regency


Illustration Illustration - Flash flood disaster hit the Tanah Datar District, West Sumatra on Thursday, October 11, 2018, pukil 18.30 wib. Two houses and one bridge were reportedly washed away by water.

Banjir Bandang which suddenly arrives causes damage in Jorong Piubuah Nagari Tanjung Bonai and Landslides If Jorong Mawar Nagari Lubuk Jantan, District Lintau Buo Utara, Tanah Datar District.

Information gathered from the SalingkaTanahDatar Instagram, the incident occurred due to the high rainfall that hit Lintau and its surroundings. At 5:30 a.m., the Sinamar river stream showed a slight increase in water debit. But it has not yet spilled over into residential areas. However, a number of houses on the banks of the river were shattered by materials carried by water.

The incident happened just when the people were performing Maghrib prayers, suddenly the flood came and swept two houses not far from the river's lips.

Two residents were also reported dead due to buried houses. Tanah Datar Police Chief, AKBP Bayuaji Yudha said his party was already in the field to provide assistance to the surrounding community. Tonight, it was attempted to evacuate the people around the flash flood location.

"Members have been located and are trying to evacuate residents and set up emergency posts," the police chief said at night.

Until now reported two housing units, one cow pen, one bridge and five residents affected by banjir bandang. Even two of them reportedly died. "There were five people who were reported to have been hit by flash floods and two of them reportedly died," said the police chief.

Information obtained also contained 6 housing units affected by material impacts of the Jorong flash flood in the Batu Nagari Sphere of Tanjung Bonai, namely:

1. Stevian Nopen or Nopen family, 1 household
- Nopen (currently in Pekanbaru)
- Rani (30), Nopen's wife, is missing and still in search
- Steve (10), Anak Nopen, student of SDN 32 Lareh Nan Panjang, missing and still in search
- Anis (2.5) was found in landslide material and was rushed to the health center, died at the health center

2. Haji Firdaus family or left Hajj, 1 HH
- Haji Firdaus or Left Hajj were carried away by landslide material, and were found alive and taken to LB I health center and referred to Batusangkar District Hospital
- Hj. Wirdawati (65); the wife of Haji Firdaus or Hajj Kiri; besieged in the house and have been evacuated to people's homes.
- Adrel Junaidi (18), SMK 1 Bukittinggi; grandson of Hajj Firdaus; besieged in the house and have been evacuated to people's homes.

3. Muhamad Ali (50), 1 family:
- Muhammad Ali (50)
- Sayuti (48), treated at LB I Health Center

4. Yendrizal Family (48), 1 Family:
- Yendrizal (48)
- Yuni Astuti (46),
- Rahma Febrina (22), a child who is studying in Padang

5. Ermalius family (50), 1 family member
- Ermalius (50), still being treated at LB I Health Center
- Hendrita (46), treated at LB I Health Center
- Nurzahwani (8), still at the puskesmas

6. Aswati's family (50), 2 families (5 people)
- Aswati (50); still being treated
- Ibnu Hidayah (21) son of Aswati
- Taufik Hidayah (17), son of Aswati
- Miswati (48) Aswati's sister
- Yulnarida (18) son of Miswati

Other victims who were brought to the health center:

M. Adef (20), has returned from the Puskesmas; Victim
The latest data is that there are other victims who were declared missing carrying material from landslides as they passed by a Honda motorcycle. Yusrizal or Buyuang Tongek (45) and have not been found.

Whereas the data for Landslide Victims
Riski (17), had been rushed to LB I Health Center and had gone home (a colleague of the victim who died was hit by landslide material. And 1 more person died was found hit by landslide material, but could not be taken out of Kalo because the road to the location was still landslide material covered at some point.

The field conditions of Tanah Datar BPBD were 2 picket teams assisted by Payakumbuh SAR Post Personnel, North Lintau Buo District Police, Lintau Buo Koramil, Tanah Datar Police Caring Scout, and the community still made efforts to clean up and search for other victims who had not been found.
Another 3 people for missing victims were brought in flash flood material in Jorong. Piubuah Nagari Tanjung Bonai has not been found and victims who were hit by landslide material in Kalo-Lubuk Jantan have not been evacuated because of the road to test the location of many landslide points.


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