Minister of sport promises the bonuses for 2018 Asian para games athletes will be given before the closing ceremony


Imam Nahrawi Imam Nahrawi - With the promise that the government has kept for the 2018 Asian Games medalists, the government will give bonuses for the 2018 Asian Para Games medalists.


Minister of sport, Imam Nahrawi stated that bonuses will be given on Saturday, October 13th 2018, before the closing ceremony. The plan is for the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo to participate in handing over the prize.


Until the sixth day (Thursday, Ocober 11th 2018), in the Asian Para Games 2018 event, Indonesia has 24 golds 33 silvers and 39 bronzes. And with this Indonesia is in sixth position. And there are still two more days to add the number of medals.


The government also prepared the same bonuses for medalist athletes in the multievent disability sports event. There is no nominal difference, for the gold medal will get IDR 1.5 billion, silver medal IDR 500 million and bronze IDR 250 million.


"Yes, right. We will give a bonus on Saturday, before closing" said the minister in Jakarta, Thursday, October 11th 2018, quoted from Liputan6.


Imam explained that at first he prepared funds in the amount of IDR 204 billion with a maximum of 20 gold medals. However, the Indonesian contingent continues to add to the medal record. And Imam said he would try to cut the unabsorbed funds in Kemenpora to be allocated into the bonus. This, according to him, is the government's commitment to appreciate the efforts of athletes who have struggled to carry the name of Indonesia.


"So we will carry out sweeping internally in Kemenpora. The budget is not absorbed and cannot be implemented, such as meetings, visits or seminars we will cut" said the minister.


Not only for medal-winning athletes, the man from Bangkalan said he would give bonuses to all 2018 Asian Games athletes. "We hope that after the medal-winning athletes' bonuses, we can give fast to athletes who don't get medals. As in the Asian Games, they get IDR 20 million" he said.


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