Indonesia won silver medal in 2018 Asian Para Games in female weightlifting


Sriyanti Sriyanti - Indonesia won another medal in Asian Para Games 2018. Indonesian female weightlifting athlete, Sriyanti, won silver medal during the competition in Sudirman Hall, South Jakarta, on Thursday. She won it in the female class of more than 86 kilogram. Her best lifting was 118 kilogram.

The gold medal was won by South Korean athlete, Hyunjung Lee, her best lifting being 118 kilogram. Meanwhile the bronze medal was won by Adeline Ancheta from Philippine with her best lifting being 107 kilogram.

Although both Sriyanti and Hyunjung Lee had the same record of 118 kilogram, the weights they lifted in three different occasions were different. The first time, Sriyanti lifted 114 kilogram while Hyunjung lifted 115 kilogram. The second time, both of them lifted 118 kilogram. During the last time, Sriyanti tried to lift 123 kilogram weight while Hyunjung tried to lift 124 kilogram weight. But both of them were unable to do it so they were deemed to have failed.

Although both of them had failed in the third time, Hyunjung still won over Sriyanti because the weight she lifted in the first time was heavier. In the end, Hyunjung won the gold medal while Sriyanti won the silver medal.



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