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Illustration Illustration - In our social life, we interact with people with so many different characters. Have you ever encountered someone who likes to brag but humbly? It does sound weird but such a thing called humble bragging really exists. It is when someone shows off their achievements to other people, but covering it with words that sound like complaints or disbelief.

What kind of behavior is humble bragging like in real life? Usually it is done to cover our desire to brag to other people so we will not look arrogant in their eyes.

Humble bragging can also be done to gain sympathy or admiration from others. It is when people intentionally humble themselves in order to get compliments from other people. They make it sound like they are humble, shy or even embarrassed, but they actually bask in admiration and awe from other people.

An example of humble bragging is when someone gets a high score during an exam, but they claim not to believe it because they say they only studied for a short time before the exam started. Another example is when an old person complains for being mistaken to be far younger than their real age. Sometimes, things like that are genuine disbelief and complain, but there are also times when it is only done to gain other people’s respect.

Social media makes humble bragging become even more common. According to the study by Ovul Sezer, a researcher from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the behavior of humble bragging increases in number as the use of social media increases as well.

When we achieve something, there is nothing wrong in being proud of it openly. Just do it normally. You do not have to cover it with complaints or disbelief to make yourself look humble. Sometimes, humble bragging can seem to be more conceited than being openly proud of your achievements.


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