Trying to escape from a brawl, student got slit in his throat by a sickle


students trying to run away students trying to run away - Two groups of students from Taruna Vocational High School and Bina Karya Vocational High School were caught in a brawl in the middle of a street. It happened in Tanjungpura Street, West Karawang, on Thursday, October 10th.

During the brawl, one of the students got severe wound on his neck due to being slit by a sickle. He was in critical condition and was brought to Karawang Islamic Hospital.

An eyewitness, Darman, said that a brawl between the students from the two high schools happens often at that street. It often happens after the school hours. “Two groups of students were caught in a brawl using sharp objects like it was already planned,” Darman said at the location.

Darman explained that the teenagers attacked each other not only with their bare hands or rocks, but also other dangerous weapons like sword or machete. “One of them was lying on the ground due to being slit on the neck with a sickle,” he said.

The victim is known to be Furkon (16), an eleventh-grader from Bina Karya Vocational High School. He got slit on the neck by his opponent when trying to escape the brawl. The brawl finally stopped when several passersby tried to stop them.


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