Destroyed his painting which had sold for USD 1,4 million, Bansky sold its copy with the prize USD 1,4


Illustration Illustration - Last weekend Banksy shocked the art world because his painting 'Girl with Balloon' was sold for USD 1.4 million. After being sold, the painting was immediately destroyed in half. After being sold at London's Sotheby's Auction Hall, Banksy actually sold a copy of 'Girl with Baloon' for GBP 1. A copy of the artwork sold since October 7th is shocking to experts.

Most speculate that the act of doubling the work occurred because of the action taken at the auction hall. Banksy reportedly made 600 copies of the work.

Ian Syer, the co-founder of who once sold copies of Banksy's works, said only Bristol artists that capable to carry out the action. "Banksy is unique in the art world. There are no other artists who can do that. There are no other artists who are able to capture the hearts and minds of the public as he did" Syer said from the Telegraph on Thursday, October 11th 2018.

"What this person does seems to have ruined the value of the artwork and even reduced its value. We have a limited number of 'Girl with Balloon' copies on our site, but we felt like we lost and I cried with embarrassment" he concluded.


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