Five reasons why you could be rejected for a job


Illustration Illustration -  Employers list job requirements when they advertise open positions for a reason. They have determined that those skills are necessary for that particular job. If you’re applying for a job and getting rejected time after time that means you are not qualified for the job. 

Because recruiters only hire the person who is the best qualified applicant for the job.

For most jobs, hiring managers have a good selection of qualified candidates and aren’t interested in those who don’t have the qualifications. 

Here are reasons why you could be rejected for the job right away:

Lack of work experience
Most employers require a certain amount of experience when seeking applicants. That information should be clearly listed in the posting. If you’re close you might be considered but if you fall significantly short you won’t be

Short on skills
If you don’t have the skills and qualifications the employer is seeking, think twice about submitting an application. Many job postings list the skill set required for the position, and if you don’t have at least most of them you won’t be considered.

Short on educational requirements
In some cases, employers list educational requirements. You’ll need to meet those requirements in order to be chosen for an interview.

Short on connections
For some jobs, especially sales, you’ll be expected to have a network of contacts and clients that you can tap. Be sure that you have the client base or connections you’ll need to be success on the job.

The job or company isn’t a fit
Sometimes, the job or the company simply isn’t a match for what you want for your next job. It could be that you don’t have the job requirements or that you have a different concept of work than the company does.






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