This is the right time to have your eyes check according to an expert


Illustration Illustration - Eye examination can be an attempt to check the condition of our eyes health. By knowing the condition of the eyes health, you can immediately get the proper treatment. Adults should diligently check their eyes, especially for those who experience visual impairments and routinely undergo an examination at least once every five years.

"Examination is also necessary if you are 40 years old or have an eye disease, a history of diabetes, glaucoma and AMD" said eye health expert, Dr. Rina La Distia Nora in Jakarta, Tuesday, October 30th 2018, at the launching of BETWEEN.

While for those who are over 65 years old, eye examinations should be carried out once every 1-2 years. Because, elderly people are vulnerable to wet AMD aka wet type macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration itself is an age-related eye disorder that affects a person's ability to see. Macular degeneration is a major cause of blindness. Apart from age, several factors can also be triggers for wet macular degeneration. Some include genetic history, lack of food intake containing antioxidants, vitamins, and zinc.


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