Priyanka Chopra's wedding dress with has 22 meters long veil and secret messages on it


Illustration Illustration - Senior designer Ralph Lauren has only designed three wedding dresses in 50 years. The design dresses he made were for her daughter, daughter-in-law and niece. Now Priyanka is included on his list. She becomes the only celebrity who got her dress made directly by the designer.

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Reported by People, Ralph Lauren himself gave a sketch of his hand for Priyanka's dress. After that, it's a story about falling in love at first sight. "When we came for the sketch presentation, they made a dress that I had imagined that I would wear for my wedding ... of course, I said yes to the dress" Priyanka told People.

The embroidery of the dress itself took 1,826 hours to complete. In addition, behind her long dress, Priyanka wore a strapless dress with 2,380,000 pearl sequins. Priyanka then perfected her beautiful dress with a 22 meter long tulle veil.

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The sentimental value on Priyanka's dress didn't just end there. The former Miss World also said she wanted to respect the people closest to her on her happy day. Fulfilling the bride's request, Ralph Lauren’s team pinned eight secret messages embroidered in her dress.

First are Nick Jonas's real name, Nicholas Jerry Jonas, their wedding date, the full name of Priyanka, her parents name, Om Namah Shivay (Indian spells calling Lord Shiva), also words like 'Family,' 'Hope,' 'Compassion,' and 'Love'.


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