Study conducted in hospital reveals that 80% of patients are lying when consulting to doctor


Illustration Illustration - University of Utah Health research conducted a survey on more than 4,000 patients that reveals 60 to 80 percent of them lied to doctors about how often they exercise, food they consumed, and their lifestyle such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

What's more, most patients do not speak when they do not understand or disagree with something recommended by a doctor. The main reason patients lie is because they care about the opinions of doctors and it doesn't matter if they are lectured longer.

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"Most patients want doctors to think positively about them. They worry that they will be criticized as someone who is not good if they do not make good decisions" said Dr. Angela Fagerlin, chairman of the health sciences U of U Health, which quoted from DailyMail.

According to Angela, patients should not need to close themselves or be ashamed to say their complaints and patterns of life. In line with this, the professor from Middlesex Community College, Andrea Gurmankin Levy, said that when patients don’t mention the details of their habits the doctors will not be able to give their best advice.

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"If patients withhold information about what they eat or whether they take medicine, this will have significant implications for their health. Especially when patients have chronic diseases" he said. The study found that female patients, adolescents, and those with low self-esteem often withhold information to their submitted doctors.


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