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After firing Mourinho, the website fo Manchester United crashed


Mourinho Mourinho

News24xx.com -  Through a statement on Tuesday, December 18 2018, MU officially ended their agreement with Mourinho. 

In a statement which also posted on its website, MU also stated that the manager's position would be occupied by a caretaker until the end of the season.

MU's announcements have given rise to its own hubbub, specifically in the world of social media.

Moreover, Jose Mourinho who was fired was considered as one of the popular tactics. In connection with that, a number of reports also appeared regarding the crash of the official MU website at www.ManUtd.com. This is also crowded discussed on Twitter.

A number of other netizens reported that they could still access the site even though the process was very slow. But there are also those who claim to be able to enter without problems.

Mourinho was fired two days after a 3-1 defeat to Liverpool which left Manchester United in sixth place in the Premier League. 






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