In future, some experts said that Internet will be free of charge for anyone


Illustration Illustration - The Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII) predicts future internet access will potentially be ‘free’. The definition of free is certainly not 100 percent free of charge but sponsored by certain parties.

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"It's free from the time when the price of the internet is getting cheaper. It does not rule out the possibility that one day the internet will be free" said Chairman of APJII JamalulIzza, Thursday, December 20th 2018.

However, Jamal emphasized that the free does not mean not paying at all. But those who will spend to pay are advertising services. According to him, a company is likely to use advertising media with free internet access. This is done especially when companies need people somewhere to see interactions with their content.

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Nevertheless, he considered that it still needed a long process that could possibly reach 10 years. On the other hand, free wireless internet access services have covered various regions of the world, including Indonesia. Although not entirely free, public WiFi also doesn't charge users at all as long as it's willing to enter contacts or watch advertisements.


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