A babysitter murdered a baby boy, brought him to McDonalds, then handed him back to his mother


Benson Xiong Benson Xiong - As a babysitter, they have a job to take care a baby to felt comfortable and safe.

But, a woman who work as a babysitter murdered a baby boy, brought him to McDonalds, then handed him back to his mother and pretended he was just sleeping. 

She is said to have brought the lifeless infant with her to McDonald’s later that evening with her boyfriend, handed him to his mom, then went for a swim. 

The woman named Marissa Tietsort, 28, put two month-old named Benson Xiong into a snowsuit after killing him, put him in a car seat and pulled his hat down over his eyes, before heading to the fast food giant with her boyfriend to search some food. 

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When the youngster’s frantic mother Heather Gardner discovered what had happened while at a laundromat, she dialed 911.

The baby had ashen skin tone, his jaw was clenched and his lips were blue.

According to the Wausau Daily Herald, the child was found to have suffered multiple impacts to the head, with his tailbone also found to have been ‘fractured, broken off and displaced.

Tietsort was charged with first-degree murder Friday, two and a half months after allegedly killing the child at her home in Wausau, Wisconsin on October 18.

The alleged killer, who is pregnant with her sixth child, also faces separate child abuse charges over her alleged treatment of an 11 month-girl during summer 2018. 

Tietsort is said to have told police that she didn’t kill the baby, although she reportedly conceded knowing that he had died. Tietsort in jail in lieu of USD 500,000 bond is due back in court January 18.







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