Four people were left injured after balloons filled with hydrogen exploded


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet - As information, helium and hydrogen are not two elements you should ever mix up.

Like the incident that occured in India. In CCTV footage, a woman can be seen holding several red balloons in a bustling market.

Then, suddenly the whole area is filled with a burst of light followed by a fiery inferno, as people scramble to get away from the outburst.

At that time, four people were left injured in Rajkot, West India, after balloons allegedly filled with ultra-flammable hydrogen exploded.

The severity of the injuries caused by the fire is not currently known. Police are now investigating whether the balloons were filled with hydrogen instead of helium.

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Vendors sometimes use hydrogen instead of helium since it is much cheaper and easily available. The gas possesses the NFPA 704’s highest rating of 4 on the flammability scale because only a small amount is needed to cause an explosion.

The incident comes almost two years after 15 people were injured by exploding balloons filled with acetylene at a public event at the Allen Career Institute in Chandigarh, northern India. There were thought to have been around 150 balloons, with a smaller amount igniting at first before setting the others off.

The five teachers and 10 students holding them were briefly engulfed in flame before running off in fright. 

All of them were taken to the city’s Government Medical College and Hospital but fortunately managed to escape the ordeal with minor burns only. 






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