Leaked on security data, bugs on Instagram exposed users password to the third party


Illustration Illustration - The existence of a security hole on Instagram caused some user passwords to leak. The company spokesman said that the problem was found internally and claimed to affect only a small number of users.

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Reporting from The Verge, the bug is related to the new Instagram feature which released on last April which allows users to download all their data. This feature was released after the decision on user security regulations in Europe known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

According to Instagram, this leak was caused by some users who used the feature apparently also included passwords in the URL in the browser. The password is stored on the Facebook server which is the parent company of Instagram.

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A security researcher said that this is only possible if Instagram kept the password in plain text, which could be a bigger security problem. But the accusation was denied directly by an Instagram spokesman.

Since the case happened, Instagram has fixed the feature so that the password won't leak, and tells the user that they must change their password, as a precaution. The leaked password information was convinced Instagram was not known by outsiders. "This information is not exposed to others, and we have made changes so that they no longer occur" concluded the spokesman.


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