More 9 million Android users were fooled by downloading applications that spam ads


Illustration Illustration - Japanese software company Trend Micro recently released a report on adware that showed that more than 9 million Android users were 'fooled' by 85 useless Google Play applications. Dozens of applications that do not provide any service to users, except to cause annoying advertisements. They fall into the category of games, TV, to remote control applications.

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"This adware is capable of displaying full screen advertisements, hiding itself, monitoring the unlock function of the device screen, and running in the background of a mobile device" Ecular Xu wrote in the Trend Micro Inc. blog. "85 fake applications, which have been downloaded 9 million times worldwide. After verifying our report, Google is quickly suspending fake applications from the Play store."

He continued that according to the data, 'Universal TV Remote' is the most downloaded Android application which has been downloaded for more than 5 millions. The application that claims to allow users to use their smartphone to control the TV in fact has very many ads in it.

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Fake applications that have been downloaded more than 5 million times have usually received many complaints in the comments section regarding the content. According to Xu, these fake applications have the same habits and code even though they are made by different developers.

After adware is downloaded and launched on a mobile device, a full-screen ad will begin to appear. After closing the first ad, the call button like "start," "open the application," or "next," and banner ads will appear on the screen of the mobile device.


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