This restaurant owner offered a job for thieve that stole 15 kg of meat from his restaurant


Illustration Illustration - A restaurant owner named Wu Jun in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, just released an open letter to a thief who managed to steal 15 kg of sausage meat on his restaurant. Instead of threatening, Wu Jun offers the thief a job at his restaurant for a large amount of salary.

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Reported by the Global Times, on January 10th 2019, Wu Jun offered a salary of CHY 6,000 per month for the thief. This funny letter was written by Wu Jun, when he realized that sausages worth of CHY 500 were stolen. It is uncertain whether Wu Jun is serious about this job offer or not, but in the letter he admired the courage, speed, and suffering that the thief had to go through.

According to Wu Jun, the size of the sausages he made was quite large and heavy, so that carrying sausages weighing 15 kg in quick time required special expertise. Monitored from CCTV cameras in the restaurant, it was seen that the thief used a gray jacket, hat and mask on his face. "Maybe my homemade sausage smells really good. If he comes and confesses his mistake, I won't sue him for anything" said Wu Jun.

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Wu deliberately wrote this letter to remind the thief, as well as the public that this thief is still roaming freely. Until now no one has claimed to be the thief, but Wu still hopes that this thief realizes his mistake and contacts him.


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