Zambia bans the circulation of energy drink that caused erection on its country


Illustration Illustration - Authorities in Zambia received reports that a drink called Natural Power SX caused an erection of consumers to six hours. The results of tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration of Uganda revealed samples of the drink containing sildenafil citrate.

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Sildenafil itself is a substance commonly used for erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and in many places its use is strictly regulated by a doctor's prescription. In response, authorities in Zambia have banned the sale and distribution of Natural Power SX energy drinks.

General Manager of Zambia's Revin, Vikas Kapoor, as a related producer claimed that he didn’t know there are products that have drugs in it contents. The company will work together to stop production and conduct its own investigation while awaiting investigation from the authorities.

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"Officers from three institutions are collecting raw material samples and ready-made products in the field. Analysis tests will determine the truth of the claims" ??a statement from the BPOM Zambia was quoted as saying by the BBC, Thursday, January 10th 2019. "The results of the investigation will be communicated to the public as soon as possible" the statement continued.


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