Having very rare syndrome, this woman can't hear when men talked to her


Illustration Illustration - A girl in China has a problem with her hearing system. She can only hear sounds with a certain frequency, and the voice of man is one that can't be heard by her. The doctor diagnosed Chen, as this girl called, experienced a type of reverse-slope hearing loss or low frequency hearing loss.

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With this condition, she can only hear sounds with high frequency. It is believed that 1 in 13,000 people with hearing loss also experience this. Also trusted, stress can contribute as a trigger factor.

The girl from Xiamen, 716 kilometers (km) from Hong Kong, initially experienced nausea and buzzing sound in her ears. There was no problem before, and in one morning she could not hear the voice of her own partner.

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Chen rushed to check up at Qianpu Hospital and was treated by an ENT (Ear and Nose) doctor. Strangely, she could still hear every word spoken by an ENT doctor who happened to be a female doctor. "She could hear me when I talked to her, but when a male patient approached, she could not hear him at all" explained Dr. Lin Xiaoqing who treated Chen, quoted from Dailymail.

This condition, according to Dr. Lin is difficult to diagnose because generally patients and health workers are not aware of this kind of disorder. In this case, it was believed to be stressful as a trigger, considering Chen was working overtime too much.


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