Fake condom from China found circulated in international market


Illustration Illustration - Recently, East China police found a number of fake condoms. The number found was quite fantastic, which is around 500 thousand fake condoms with a total of CHY 50 million. Quoted from Men's Health, this fake condom penetrates into well-known trademarks in the international market. They sell it to various supermarkets, hotels and vending machines.

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"We found a workshop where the suspect made the fake condoms in Henan and Hebei. The hygiene conditions in the city were very bad, we had condoms that they made with silicone oil in a bucket" said Zheng Xidan, a Cangnan police officer.

According to police in a South China Morning Post report, fake condoms can threaten public health, because they are made from hazardous materials. Poor quality condoms have health risks such as excessive bacterial and fungal infections.

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Chen He, a manager of one of the leading condom producers, said that making condoms should be made by medical devices that involve sterilization. "But in these illegal workshops, which are often very dirty, it is impossible for them to have the right method to control bacterial and fungal levels" explained Chen.


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