Jacob's Cave - the place that kills divers


Jacob's Cave - the place that kills divers Jacob's Cave - the place that kills divers - In the photo, boys jump into the abyss - this is Jacob's cave, which is located in the state of Texas. This large artesian spring, 4 meters in diameter, flows from the most extensive underwater cave system in the state of Texas. The water in it is so transparent that when you jump creates the feeling of flying into empty space.

The well is about 10 meters deep, but at its bottom there are endless branches that are not fully understood. To date, eight divers have died in their research.

Jacob's cavel in Wimberley, Texas, is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Named for the biblical counterpart, this dangerous source has already killed eight divers, but even this doesn’t frighten the thrill seekers who decided to jump into it.

At first glance, Jacob's cave looks like a safe pool. It is four meters in diameter, and it looks calm and safe. It has four caves that are several tens of feet below the surface. The local owner of the store for divers believes that these caves are the most dangerous thing in this well.

The first cave begins at a depth of 30 feet and ends at 55 feet. It is well lit, it has a lot of fish and algae.
The second cave is located at a depth of 80 feet and has a narrow entrance that lures the divers into a trap. It was there that a student from Texas, Richard Patton, died.
From the second cave to the third there is a small opening with loose gravel. Divers try not to touch it when they are heading for a third cave.
In the fourth cave the passage is even more difficult. Few have seen it, and therefore it is called the "virgin cave." On its bottom there are layers of limestone, and if they are stirred up, it will be almost impossible to find a way out of the cave.

The well has long attracted divers, scientists and artists. They are not afraid of the ill fame of this reservoir. It seems to be the essence of life, creating clean water every day for a thousand years.


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