The trial has been done, and this is the official date for the grand opening of Jam Gadang area


Illustration Illustration - The reopening of the Jam Gadang area in the city of Bukittinggi has been delayed because there are some unfinished works, namely the beauty of the garden so that the plants could grow and bloom.

However, information received from the parties concerned that the inauguration will be held on February 16th, 2019.

In addition, on Friday, February 8th 2019 night, there was also a trial of the facilities that had been completed.

Previously, at the end of December 2018, the finished work was on the pond and fountain which could do dance waterfall. And at that time, the trial was also done with success.

It is said that the cost of managing the rearrangement of the Jam Gadang area costs more than IDR 16 billion, but there is also news saying that the costs disbursed for this revitalization amounted to IDR 25 billion.

Previously, the Bukittinggi city government through the Mayor of Bukitinggi, Ramlan Nurmatias, said that trials of several facilities had been carried out at the end of 2018, ranging from garden lights to fountains with colorful lights. And at the time of the trial, it was estimated that in one to two months would be completed.

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"The budget for the work is around IDR 16.3 billion from the 2018 Regional Budget. And it is almost finished. Now it is on the stage of improvement" said Ramlan during the first trial.

Some time ago, Ramlan also said that the soon Jam Gadang will be officially opened for public and the public could enjoy the Jam Gadang area.

"Finally, the long wait for visitors and the public to be able to see firsthand the new appearance of the Jam Gadang in the near future will soon be realized" he said, quoted from the coversia account on Saturday, February 9th 2019.

Ramlan said that with the new appearance of the pedestrian area, the Jam Gadang area becomes the proof of the seriousness of the city government in improving the city governance, including pampering visitors when visiting the tourist city of Bukittinggi.

Besides that, at the opening of Jam Gadang later, the city government will hold a number of events including bringing in the capital's artists. "Just come later, everything will be festive, around a week later" he said.

Jam Gadang has been used as a tourist attraction in the city of Bukittinggi and many activities are held in this area. Not only on busy holidays, activities carried out in the Jam Gadang area become a means of community interaction.

About the revitalization of the Jam Gadang area shows three spots of cultural arts performances. Starting from the garden with colorful flowers neatly arranged. Lights as lighting at night, as well as colorful fountains and pedestrian areas for pedestrians. And do not miss the parking area for ??motorcycle and car vehicles.

The new appearance of the Jam Gadang area will be added with a number of facilities including prayer rooms, toilets, a stage for holding activities, and park benches.


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