This female member of Tanzanian parliament wants every her male colleagues in the parliament to be circumcised


Jackline Ngonyani Jackline Ngonyani - Tanzanian female MP, Jackline Ngonyani wanted to every male colleague of her to be checked on their penis. The aim is to see if anyone has circumcised yet or not and this divides the opinion of parliamentarians. In Tanzania, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) becomes a threatening disease with five percent of the adult population there estimated to be infected.

Related to this, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV-to infect men by 60 percent. Quoted from the BBC, on Saturday, February 9th 2019, Jackline wanted parliamentarians to give an example by undergoing circumcision.

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Neighboring Tanzania, Kenya, has taken similar steps. In 2008 some well-known politicians deliberately underwent circumcision to encourage men to do the same. Why can circumcision reduce the risk of HIV transmission? Researchers from George Washington University have conducted experiments and concluded that bacteria that gather on the skin of an uncircumcised penis can attract white blood cells.

"Certain bacteria may cause an inflammatory response that can attract immune cells to accumulate in the penis. There the immune cells will be exposed to the virus" said one researcher Cindy Liu, as quoted by Science News.


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