Google creates new AI to block millions of spam e-Mails


Illustration Illustration - Google again developing its new artificial intelligence, this time millions of spam messages can be blocked every day. Reporting from DigitalTrends, Google named the AI, ??TensorFlow. TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning framework. This platform is an artificial intelligence that studies the forms of messages which categorized as a spam.

The program then makes its own decision to mark or delete messages that are considered spam. Fortunately, users can help the TensorFlow learning process to adjust spam message filtering in their respective accounts. Users can designate messages that are considered 'spam' and help TensorFlow to make decisions. If there is a message that is considered important, it can also be listed as not spam.

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TensorFlow was developed to deal with growing spam effortsand is increasingly difficult to find. Some examples of cases such as messages from new domains, image-based messages, and hidden messages embedded.

Although it sounds new, TensorFlow actually has been released since 2015 with an open-source form which means that everyone can develop the program. Based on Google reports, TensorFlow has managed to block more than 100 million messages from entering the user's inbox. Google also claims to successfully block 99.9 percent of spam messages.


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