Does bathe in in rain can trigger flu? this is the explanation by experts


Illustration Illustration - Flu is not caused by rain, but flu is caused by a virus. "Flu is caused by an acute viral infection that usually can be healed by our body without any medication. The occurrence of the blockage in the upper respiratory tract involving the nose, sinuses, pharynx, and larynx is what the virus attacked. The virus spread by hand contact with people who are already infected by the virus" said dr. Helmin Agustina Silalahi, on Sunday, February 10th 2019.

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The virus can easily attack when a person's immune system is declining. So, even if it's not raining, if your immune system declining, the flu can still attack. "In general, the factors that cause the body to be more vulnerable to illness are related to host factors, agents (viruses, bacteria), and the environment. The environment with cold weather such as when it rains could make the immune system decrease" continued Dr. Helmin.

In order to avoid the flu, Dr. Helmin recommends washing hands with soap or using disinfectants. Also use tissue or handkerchief, gloves and masks. This action, according to her, can reduce the risk of suffering or transmitting the flu virus. "One study showed that gargling with 20 ml of water for 15 seconds and repeats for 3 times and does that for 3 times a day can help people to reduce the risk of getting flu" she continued.


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