Using a Samurai to cut a birthday cake, man from India arrested by the police


Nikhil Murkute Nikhil Murkute - One president of an organization in India has just held a birthday party. He cut the cake on the birthday party with samurai which went viral, and made him arrested by the police. Nikhil Murkute is the chairman or president of one of the largest organizations in India, namely BJP Yuva Morcha. He has to deal with the police, after his photos of cutting cakes with samurai at his birthday party went viral.

Reported by the Times of India, on February 6th 2019, Nikhil has just held a birthday party for his best friend Gandhi Nagar, on February 1st, actually there was nothing wrong with the birthday party, the only thing that could be a concern is Nikhil.

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At that time Nikhil posed together with his friends to cut the birthday cake in front of many people and invited guests. But instead of using a cake knife, Nikhil actually held a long and sharp samurai. These photos spread widely, making the police have to arrest Nikhil because these photos were considered to create terror or a threat to people in India.

According to the police, Nikhil himself often made noise and troubled many people. At least 10-12 criminal case reports, including attempted murder related to him in several different police stations. So the photo of Nikhil cutting a birthday cake with a samurai made many people nervous. BJP Organization Yuva Morcha itself is famous for being very active in India, and has many members.


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