Beware, android security team confirms that malware can be spread through photos with format PNG


Illustration Illustration - The Android security team through the Android Security Bulletin reveals a security gap that is fairly unusual in terms of access to the user's device. The gap according to them makes a hacker can infiltrate malware through a PNG format photo file.

For information, PNG is one of the most popular photo formats, even better than JPG in terms of compression. Based on reports in the bulletin, there is a gap on Android that makes a hacker could insert certain codes in a photo file. The malware code will be ran when the victim opens the photo.

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When it is ran, the malware can access the main processes in the operating system and has the potential to change the process in accordance with the wishes of the hacker, as quoted from Phone Arena, on Sunday, February 10th 2019. This scenario sounds scary. But fortunately, this gap can be patched by the Android security team, which is included in the Android Security update dated 2019-02-05.

Fortunately the Android security team also did not explain further how to exploit this loophole, because not all Android users can access the security update directly. Every operating system - in this case that is used on a cellphone - is actually required to receive security updates on a regular basis.


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