XL launched program SUPER NGOBROL to help progress of Indonesia


XL launched program SUPER NGOBROL  to help progress of Indonesia XL launched program SUPER NGOBROL to help progress of Indonesia -  XL launched this program to help of Indonesia progress. As we already know , today the penetration of data subscribers continues to increase.

However, XL sees the ability of customers in each region to be different, hopefully with this program, XL is able to provide basic benefits for telephone and Short Message Service (SMS) so can to stimulate for data usage.

XL hopes that new SUPER NGOBROL will be able to push of XL subscriber up to the end of 2017, especially the increase of quality or productive customers.

And XL will focus on how to provide a better experience (better experience) for customers, so customers will feel comfortable in using the services provided of XL.

Through this program, the customer can get the following benefits :

• Free unlimited calls and SMS to all of XL numbers, Call IDR 1/second to other operators, IDR 50/SMS to other operators, internet access IDR 50/MB

• Free unlimited calls via WhatsApp and LINE

• 100MB/month free for YouTube access

• Free subscription and XL Super Watch access

About detailed information, can be found on the website

And customers can activate of XL SUPER NGOBROL new starter card that can be obtained at the nearest of XL outlet. This program is valid from on July 7, 2017 at 6:00 pm, local time.

Details about calling rates, SMS, and Internet for each area can also be found at

Related launching of Prime Card new "SUPER NGOBROL", XL did not intend to carry out a price war, because this promo program applies to calls and short messages to fellow number XL/on net, while normal rates apply to to fellow number XL/off net.

This promo program we held to provide convenience to customers in using phone service, SMS, and data.

We hope that this service customers do not need to worry about the cost of calls and SMS to other XL numbers, so the customer can allocate the cost of telecommunications services to maximize the use of large data


This program is run based on the evaluation of the previous SUPER NGOBROL Program that we launched a few months ago and found to be well appreciated by our customers.



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