Two Palestinian were killed in the clashes in west bank


Two Palestinian were killed in the clashes in west bank Two Palestinian were killed in the clashes in west bank - Two Palestinians were killed in a clash with the armed forces of Israel. The clashes occurred along with the closure of the Palestinian areas by Israel troops.

Reported by AFP, Sunday, July 23 2017, the latest clashes took place on Saturday (22/7) local time at thesensitive sacred area.

The UN Security Council will hold a closed meeting on Monday, July 24 2017 later, after emerging from Egypt's insistence, France, and Sweden which states, "need discussion to defuse tensions in Jerusalem."

On Saturday it, Palestinian youths threw stones and Molotov as for Israel's Army uses bulldozers to close the village from 19-years-old teenager, in the West Bank.

The bulldozers that will likely destroy his home.Israel often punishing Palestinian attackers families in a way undermine or sealing their homes. This was done to deterrenteffect.

Clashes also occurred in East Jerusalem and other villages in the West Bank near Jerusalem. Police say anti-melee approach is used.At Qalandiya which is crossing with the West Bankand Jerusalem, the clashes broke out and wounded eight Palestinians. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported.

A Palestinian died from injuries suffered in a clash, said the Ministry of Health. A 17 yearsold teenager,Oday Nawajaa, swept by Israel shot at Al Azariya.

Other Palestinian citizens, 18 years of age, were killed when a petrol bomb exploded prematurely. This violence triggered by security measures using a metal detector at the entrance of Haram Al Sharif.


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