The ban on PUBG mobile game reaps the angers of netizen in India


Illustration Illustration - The ban on PUBG mobile in the city of Rajkot, India, is reaping anger reactions in cyberspace. Lots of number of netizens conveyed their disapproval to the controversial policy. Police in the Rajkot region of India temporarily banned PUBG in the city from March 9th to March 30th, 2019 and could be extended. Other cities in India reportedly also follow similar step.

PUBG is banned among others because it is considered to contain violence and makes children lazy to learn. The police also said that many parents wanted the game to be blocked in that country. Besides PUBG, the police also banned Momo challenge.

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The news made a lot of criticism posted on social media. "This is not true. There are many issues in India to resolve such as rape cases. Just concentrate on that and not on things that are not important" said a local netizen on Twitter.

There are also those who display PUBG e-sport players who excel. "You want to ruin their lives, even though they are young people who excel in this country" wrote a netizen. Other netizens argue that there is no research or strong evidence that PUBG is dangerous. However, that is what some authorities said in India.

The previous state of Gujarat also banned PUBG in all of their local elementary schools. Rohan Khaunte, an official at the Ministry of Information Technology in the Goa region, stated that PUBG is like a demon because it makes children not concentrate on learning.


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