Marc Jacobs talks about the similarity of the logo he made to Nirvana’s


Illustration Illustration - Through his lawyer, Marc Jacobs stated that Nirvana's claim on the logo he made was baseless to the California District Court. He also considered Nirvana did not have strong evidence to the allegations. Furthermore, they call Nirvana has no copyright to the smiley face iconic logo.

Moreover, according to him, there are differences in some parts between the two designs. "For that reason, the lawsuit must be revoked because it fails to provide authentic proof" read the document by Marc Jacobs as quoted by Billboard.

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Previously, Nirvana reported Marc Jacob because they thought Jacobs stole their iconic design which is in the form of a rounded smiley face which often appears in various accessories belonging to the band. The yellow logo first appeared as an illustration from a brochure for the party released the album 'Nevermind' in 1991.

The design was later patented as a distinctive feature of the band in 1992. One of the shirts in Marc Jabob's collection 'Redux Grunge' uses a design that is very similar to the logo. The collection aims to celebrate cultural influences in the era of Kurt Cobain and his generations.


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