Kim Kardashian showed a face affected by psoriasis


Kim Kardashian showed a face affected by psoriasis Kim Kardashian showed a face affected by psoriasis - Kim Kardashian showed fans the psoriasis that hit her face. The corresponding movie star posted in Instagram Stories.

Shooting a 38-year-old telediva made in the car. Kim Kardashian brought the camera closer to her red-spotted cheeks and allowed the followers to see the symptoms of her illness. The celebrity informed the public about the worsening of the course of psoriasis at the end of last year, but now she said that she was thinking of taking her own health seriously. Kardashian has long been struggling with psoriasis, considered an incurable disease. The treatment helps to temporarily relieve the symptoms of the disease, but soon the irritation reappears.

“Before, my skin had never been in such a deplorable state. It is no longer possible to hide the disease with any make-up”, - Kim Kardashian complained to Instagram audiences.

Kardashian consults with specialists, including the founder of KKW Beauty. The model has tried various treatments from light therapy to detox cocktails, but she hasn’t yet managed to take the disease under control. If the advice of the fans doesn’t help, the star will begin to use medicines, which she has so far refused.

Psoriasis is a chronic non-infectious disease that affects the skin. It is characterized by the appearance of red and very dry spots (papules), merging with each other and forming a plaque.


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