Jung Joon Young named as suspect for the case of Sungri BIGBANG


Jung Joon Young Jung Joon Young - Jung Joon Young, who was previously accused of spreading pornographic videos which recorded from hidden cameras, has been officially named a suspect. This was officially conveyed by the Seoul police.

"We set Jung Joon Young and others as suspects for allegedly distributing illegally porn videos. We cannot reveal the identity of other suspects" the police said as quoted by Soompi, on March 13th 2019.

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Previously it was revealed that Jung Joon Young was spreading pornographic videos taken with hidden cameras in chat rooms involving Seungri BIGBANG and a series of other celebrities.

Jung Joon Young himself has just returned to Korea and the police have no plans to arrest the singer but will begin the interrogation process this week and ban Jung Joon Young from leaving South Korea.


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