Not afraid using the same dress twice to an event, Kate Middleton got praised by netizen


Kate Middleton Kate Middleton - For some public figures, wearing the same clothes twice for official appearance seems to be a no-no. This leads back to their image and the media coverage.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, easily and bravely does what other celebrities often consider taboo, and still look just as good and got many compliments for it.

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She did it during NPG Portrait Gala in National Portrait Gallery, London, England, Tuesday, March 12th. Kate was seen wearing the Alexander McQueen black floral gown that she had worn during BAFTA Awards in 2017. However, some changes had been done to the arms of the gown. Kate chose to let her hair down and bring a black clutch as the accessory.

She also once wore a green temperly gown in 2014. She came to wear it again during BAFTA Awards 2018.


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