These are the fashion trends that predicted will be huge on this year


Illustration Illustration - Every year fashion trends keep changing. It is not always about new items. Sometimes, old items can become a trend again. For fashion-lovers here are some fashion trends that are predicted to become booming in 2019.

1.       Fishnet outfit

Fishnet outfit is one of the items statement in 2019. You can wear fishnet top, fishnet skirt and many others.

2.       Tie dye motif

For you who like a playful style, then you may want to try the tie dye motif. The color mix in the motif is already eye-catching that you only have to combine it with simple items.

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3.       Safari clothes

Safari clothes, which is usually worn by hunters in the wild, is becoming a trend. When talking about safari, we think about multi pockets and earthy colors like khaki or army green.

4.       Pleats

Another thing that may become a fashion trend in 2019 is clothes with pleats. It is also not only applied to skirts either.

5.       Neon color

While neon color was previously predicted to be left behind, it becomes a trend again in summer 2019. Many designers like Roksanda and Rejina Pyo release collections of clothes with neon colors.


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