Fans disappointed with Ariana Grande for collaborating with Starbucks


Ariana Grande Ariana Grande - Ariana Grande recently collaborated with Starbucks to release Cloud Macchiato. Because it's not a vegan drink, fans are disappointed and protest on Twitter. Last week, the global coffee shop network, Starbucks announced Ariana Grande as their brand ambassador. Not many people know, but Ariana and Starbucks are officially partnered.

Both of them celebrated their collaboration by releasing a new drink, Cloud Macchiato. Cloud Macchiato is made with a mixture of esspreso, vanilla syrup, caramel sauce, egg white foam and milk. Even though fans know Ariana is a vegan who does not consume drinks containing eggs and milk.

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How disappointed the vegan Arianators think this long-haired singer will make drinks according to his current diet. Ariana fans also say that Ariana is "fake vegan" and has tricked them.

There are also Starbucks employees who help explain this. The Twitter account owner @memerayo wrote, "As a barista at Starbucks, I think it's strange that Ariana Grande is used as an ambassador for this new drink. You really can't turn it into a vegan drink because the ingredients are processed white egg like meringue."


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