Monica Bellucci spotted with a young lover in France


The famous actress is happy in new relationships The famous actress is happy in new relationships - The famous actress and model, 54-year-old Monica Bellucci, after divorce with her husband Vincent Cassel, who, by the way, married a young model and is preparing to become a father, is not sad and not bored, and enjoys a romance with 36-year-old artist and gallery owner Nicholas Lefevre.

So, the paparazzi noticed the lovers when they walked through the park in Versailles.

Recently, Monica told about her new role in the series “Ten Percent”: “My heroine is looking for a normal man who would take out the garbage, pay bills on time, take on her daily responsibilities”. The journalist asked Bellucci if she met "the very normal man".

Monica replied: “I have been meeting a man for some time and everything is fine with us. Is he normal? I don’t know. I myself can’t boast of a well-regulated, structured daily life. How can you demand from another person that you can’t give? The man whose life I share doesn’t do the same work as I, but he travels a lot. He has the same pace of life, he understands me in this".


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