These are the things you should do to avoid getting lazy on Monday


Illustration Illustration - Having a day off on weekend is nice. There is no work, no school, nothing we are obliged to do. But comes Monday and we have to go back to our work and study.

After weekend, we sometimes feel too lazy to go to school or workplace on Monday. But actually Monday can be a start to a fun week. It can be a momentum to raise you productivity during that week.

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So how do we ward off laziness during Mondays? Here are some tricks:

1.       Going to sleep early on Sunday night

One of the ways to make you feel better on Monday morning is to have enough sleep the night before. At least you must have 9 hours of sleep.

2.       Avoid working or studying on the weekend

Avoid working or studying on the weekend if you can. It will make you feel tired on Monday. Use your days off to rest and have time for yourself.

3.       Try new style of clothes

Many studies found that people’s behavior changes depending on what they wear. One of the simple ways to get motivation on Monday is by changing your style of clothes to something that makes you more comfortable.


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