These are the best thriller films on Netflix for those who like suspense but hate horror


 Cam  Cam - Thriller and horror often go hand in hand in some movies. There are films that combine the essence of thriller with horror. But while horror fans may appreciate the thrill and suspense, not all thriller fans can stand the horror and the supernatural element. For you who love thriller but hate horror, here are the recommended thriller films on Netflix for you to watch.

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1.       Cam

A popular camgirl named Alice (Madeline Brewer) discovers that someone who looks exactly like her has stolen her account. But considering her popularity, she cannot abandon that account. She then decides to find this culprit, who looks just like her and threatens he livelihood. Cam is a psychological thriller that shows us the life of a camgirl.

2.       Enemy

Similar to the story of the previous film, in this film, a history professor saw his doppelganger in a movie. He then goes to find out about the person seen on the screen. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, with some actors like Melanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon making an appearance. It is a psychological thriller but it leans a bit on the horror side.

3.       Berlin Syndrome

An Australian photographer named Clare meets a guy named Andi during her vacation in Berlin. They become close very quickly until it leads to them spending a night together. But things do not end there for Clare. The story in this film can happen to anyone so it feels much more realistic and makes the audience more sympathizes with Clare’s struggle.


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