Does ulcer can lead you to death?, this is what an expert said


Illustration Illustration - Most people still underestimate the stomach problem and even often did something to trigger it. For example, people often skipped meal or eating food and drinks that can cause ulcers. Even when it relapses, many people let pain without doing any treatment. Even the worst one, if left unchecked, ulcers can get worse and cause death to the sufferers.

Medical Manager of Consumer Health Division PT Kalbe Farma, dr. Helmin Agustina Silalahi said that an untreated ulcer can lead to more fatal diseases. "Patients who die with a diagnosis of stomach ulcers are actually very rare. Death can occur due to subsequent diseases that occur if the stomach pain is not treated" said Dr. Helmin, Friday, April 11th 2019.

An ulcer that is underestimated can indeed cause long-term irritation, for example like high stomach acid and even can cause injury to the stomach and infection. It can even cause stomach cancer which is very deadly. "Most people still think this disease as trivial, so they didn’t make any effort to overcome this disease" said dr. Helmin.


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