A disabled child was reportedly left with skin burns and starved of food for five days


Photo : Internet Photo : Internet -  A disabled child named Layla was reportedly left with skin burns and starved of food for five days following delays to replace her peg feeding tube, a mum has claimed. 

Her mother Sarah Bukorovic, 31, from Berwick Hills said it was heartbreaking to watch her daughter, Layla, 5, suffer in pain and hunger after left her hospitalised at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary.

The hospital said it’s sorry to hear Ms Bukorovic is unhappy, and said it would discuss the claims with the family. 

Ms Bukorovic said, "I’m angry, I’m angry that she’s had to suffer for so long. Why should kids have to go through this? When you see that it’s heartbreaking."

The mother-of-three said Layla, who is disabled, has 22 different diagnosed conditions. She contracted meningitis at just seven-weeks-old and is oxygen dependent. 

Her disability leaves her unable to swallow and means she must get her food by a tube that goes straight into her bowel.

Her mum claims this is supposed to be changed every 12 months. But delays left Layla in James Cook Hospital on an IV drip for five days, unable to be fed or take her medication as normal and in pain.






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