Having good health make people happier than having money, study proves it


Illustration Illustration - Weekends are the best time for you to spend time to pamper yourself. Not with money, but with free time that can be used for sports. According to a recent study in the Lancet journal, people who regularly exercise only grieve for an average of 35 days a year. Those who have never or rarely exercise have an extra 18 days passed by grieving.

The research conducted by scientists from Yale University and Oxford University also revealed the link between economic status and happiness. People who are active in sports, according to the study, are equally happy with those with high income.

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But that does not mean that more exercise will make someone happier. There is an optimal point of 30-60 minutes each week for exercise so that mental health can be maintained. And if you over-do it like exercise more than 3 hours a day it can bring the negative effect on mental health.


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